“Raccolto” cooperative society was founded in 1991 by a group of national and international artists.
What they had in common was the knowledge of all the creative and expressive branches of learning.
“Guado’s” book and documentary estate has been increasing since 1991. At the same time cooperative society, local Authority, Institutions and private Foundations started collaborating to great events. All the records are available.
“Raccolto” charter provides for editorial business.
In 1999 an innovative service for art communication (“cortocircuito@puntoacapo”) was born; it is an exclusive service for all the members, whose are 123.
In the last seven years some members started preparing project patterns aimed at both thematic and multidisciplinary ways. Some prototypes were carried out in Firenze, Spello, Milano, Sedriano, Robecchetto, Canegrate, Mannheim, Pessano con Bornago, Bovisio Masciago, Vittuone, Rho, Gallarate, Modena, Moncalvo, Cairo Montenotte (SV) and so on.
The most important studies are those characterized by great attention to preliminary inquiry in the basis of the municipal territories.
Here are INTERVENTION PLANS; they are precise in every detail and concern Monza, Pavia, Frascati, Ferrara, Umbria, Rimini, Milano, Sesto San Giovanni, Rozzano, Corsico besides direct intervention plans of artists in the schools.

Other intervention plans were worked out in the basis of studies for Consorzio del Grana Padano and Consorzio Obbligatorio Replastic; both plans were carried out.
At the moment the most interesting activity in behalf of the Local Authority identity and memory concerns the use of comics as an artistic, teaching and historical way of communication.
The first pubblication of this kind is in progress since a few months and it is devoted to Sedriano town.
Courses of “story-teller” (story board, narrating method, visual quality) are included in this activity.

The operating establishment of the “Universitą del Raccolto” is another important target. It is but a forming courses programme about the relations between art and communication, positions and rolls, intervention plans and working methods; as everybody knows all these are wide and controversial subjects.
Some time ago an helpful and professionally fit part of members examined this project.
In Perugia “Raccolto” organized some stages about the same theme and these stages have been perfect examples of teaching ways to take for the “Universitą del Raccolto”. They were meant for graduands and newly-gradueted of the Uniniversity of Perugia.
Afterwards, these stages became full-time courses because of the transfer of 18 students to the “Cascina del Guado”.

Between 1998 and 2001 some editorial projects for the “Politecnico di Milano” and communication materials for the “Valle Bormida” were carried out.
At the same time Raccolto took care about the editorial matters of the “Fondazione P.M. Loria Societą Umanitaria” magazine and realized very interesting projects for the “Comitato Regionale Lombardo della Lega Cooperative” and the “A.L.C.Ab.”.
The planning skill concerned studies for the “Gruppo Intesa B.C.I.” and the management of the “Fondazione di Partecipazione Scuole Civiche di Milano” image.
Besides, Raccolto coordinated and provided for an international artistic and cultural exchange between Premią de Dalt (Catalunya) and Robecchetto con Induno (Italia) towns.
Raccolto is currently developping Internet communication. Moreover, it is enhancing its rooms and spaces thanks to laboratories of creative and formative research which are free for the young members.
A strong cooperation between “Provincia” and “Comune di Milano” has marked the first months of the 2002.