RACCOLTO is placed in the
Cascina del Guado
in Robecchetto con Induno

Parco del Ticino - 20020 MILAN - Italy

tel: 0039.0331.875337
fax: 0039.0331.876557

how to arrive

The “Cascina del Guado” is in the nearby of the “Naviglio Grande” in the “Parco del Ticino” and it is about 29 Km far from Milan. It is smithy of men and ideas since 1969. Here real and wonderful figures have alternated; real and wonderful for more than thirty years. At the same time “Guado” is the mother, the daughter and also the sister of the Raccolto. Its geografic position makes life and job less stressing; the flowing water reflects sunbeams which are deliberation nourishment. Guado’s greatest feature is love for history and fantasy; it is always free for public and, chiefly, for people. Inside it innovator external plans and applications in behalf of the society were born, and still are springing up.

Cooperativa Raccolto