We use our knowledges in order to solve concerns, public and private bodies communication deadlocks.

is a lasting lab which inquires into art history and facts. Thanks to the meeting of authors and artists, It works out new solutions about the dialogue among people and works of art.
Moreover, it is a communication centre that gets energies from the pure creativity. Raccolto spends this energy in order to solve real communication problems between Concerns and Public Bodies.

Raccolto society is a test bench for the interpersonal relations among different art teachings artists and authors. They have to be able to check all the accomplished events and experiences as these were such an “evolving archives”, source of reflections and critical reasoning.

Raccolto cooperative society is ready to accept communication systems progress

  1. Just because we think that the primary charge of creativity issues from the works of the artistic, literary and musical creations. It is the foundation of every kind of communication and its changes and progresses were already forecasted in the works of art of the last Century.
  2. Here starts Raccolto role of attention towards informatics in order to speed up and simplify the steadying of contancts, swaps and knowledges.

Creativity insertion in the territorial situations
Raccolto cooperative society often works with well-blended territories which share touristic and environmental vocations. Here, in the productive activities, man’s work still feels its roots of history, culture and habits.

The Estate
Raccolto Cooperative society counts nearly 100 members. It is in Robecchetto con Induno in the nearby of the “Naviglio Grande” in the “Parco del Ticino”. Raccolto is in possession of a great art works collection including several art teachings. It was given by the charter members.
Besides, Raccolto takes advantage of a library (a newspaper and periodical library too) including 12000 pieces.

The Members
The real and qualified Raccolto estate is the daily agreement that artists of all the art teachings, critics, historians, essayists, journalists, cultural operator and experts on communication give to it.

In the last years Raccolto Cooperative Society cooperated with a several number of Local Bodies, carrying out important events in collaboration with the Universities too.
All the records are available. In 1999 an innovative service for art communication (“cortocircuito@puntoacapo”) was born; it is an exclusive service for all the members whose are 123. Raccolto Universitas was born in 1999; it is an advice and editorial centre which is devoted to Universities, Departements, Institutes of research.