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A thought ... A way... for integration

By Comune di Ravenna - European Politics departement
Project inspired by Gianfranco Draghi’s novel: “The European Bear. Or the toy shop

Infant’s Aquilone di Godo • I Delfini di Punta Marina • Giuseppe Garibaldi di Ravenna • Imparo giocando di Lido Adriano • S. Pietro in Trento di Filetto •
Elementary Enrico Fermi di Pisignano • Iqbal Masih di Lido Adriano • Martiri di Cefalonia di Faenza • Giovanni Mesini di Borgo Montone • Monsignor Morelli di Ravenna • Giovanni Pascoli di Sant’Alberto
Junior high Francesco Baracca di Lugo • Damiano Novello di Ravenna • Luigi Graziani di Bagnacavallo.

Disegno di
Gianfranco Draghi

The European Bear talk to european children

may 20 / june 2 - 2008
Urban Center
San Domenico Church
via Cavour, 1 - Ravenna

Exhibition and book by Cooperativa Raccolto

The European bear continues its journey and it is thanks to Europe itself that this year it has reached a number of schools in the province of Ravenna, it has met many children to speak to them about the advantages and benefits of living and integrating different cultures. This is the story that together with the song by Andrea Lama “Coloriamo le parole” (Colour in the words) has accompanied the children of the competition in many schools “An idea… a path… to integration”.
The competition was announced by the Municipality of Ravenna on the occasion of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 and in the sphere of the Peal.Eu European Project.
The aim of the competition is to involve young people in schools in intercultural topics, to stimulate thought, ideas and projects for improving the rapport among people with different origins living together. Fourteen schools and 500 children, led excellently by their teachers, have entered the competition enthusiastically with passion and ability. Great commitment, study and personal development have characterised the many teaching laboratories set up in the schools and once again art has stimulated the creativity of adults and children. Music, drama, graphic and pictorial work and writing are the expressive means used by the children to produce a great quantity of marvellous material on display in this exhibition.
Fourteen panels describe the didactic path produced by the teachers to respond to the needs of the competition: which idea…which path to take to improve integration with different cultures? Alongside the panels there are some original works by the pupils of the participating schools.

Graziella Ricci
Comune di Ravenna - European Politics departement

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(...) “Thus the child becomes an artist,
and thus an “explorer”.
In other words a person who does not know where he is going but who has a predetermined idea of what he is looking for. Along the path,
the explorer stops and marks the route travelled
so far on a map which is the only element
of certainty in his journey. Before him lie only the unknown and new discoveries. The consequence of his exploration will change the world”. (...)

Daniele Oppi

Cooperativa Raccolto